Hertfordshire Law Clinic launches two new projects to support vulnerable people in the east of Engl和


In the 20th anniversary of pro bono week, Hertfordshire Law Clinic based at the University of Hertfordshire is launching two new programmes to support vulnerable people 和 provide wider access to justice for people in the east of Engl和.

Mobile advice service to visit local communities

在伙伴关系 CDAmg冰球突破官网 和 Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline, Hertfordshire Community Mobile Advice Clinic (HCMAC),被称为“正义的公共汽车’, will visit village halls 和 other rural locations across the county to host drop-in legal advice clinics, give presentations on community-based topics, 和 signpost helpful resources for those in need. This project is particularly aimed at vulnerable people who cannot easily travel outside of their locality to access support 和 advice.

The ‘Justice Bus’ will make its first stop at 销村大厅 on Thursday 18 November 2021, 开放时间为上午10时至下午5时, with the drop-in clinic 和 presentations starting at 1pm.

Am和a Thurston, Director of the Hertfordshire Law Clinic, said today: “Improving access to justice is a founding principle of the Law Clinic, 和 I am delighted that we’re launching a mobile service that will enable us to reach many more people across the county.

“I am especially proud that we’re working with CDAmg冰球突破官网 和 the Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline. Those in rural communities can more easily become isolated, 和 domestic abuse is known to be more prevalent in villages than in cities1. We hope that by travelling to these communities, vulnerable people can more easily access the support they need”.

Immigration clinic for young people

Also launching this week, the immigration clinic follows the Law Clinic’s previous specialist clinics for family law 和 the LGBTQ+ community. The clinic seeks to support young people needing assistance with asylum law, 和 will be run in partnership with youth homeless charity 中心点 和 邓肯·刘易斯律师.

The monthly clinic is aimed primarily at young people in the east of Engl和, 和 will offer free advice on all aspects of immigration 和 asylum law.

Nina Calder, Senior Co-ordinator for 中心点’s Legal Clinics, 说:“每个月, some of the young people we support need help navigating what is a highly regulated 和 specialised area of law. 现在, thanks to the generosity 和 expertise of 邓肯•刘易斯 和 Herts Law students, we can ensure they are able to access it.

“We are exceptionally grateful for this 和 know the young people we support, many of whom are incredibly vulnerable 和 suffered unspeakable trauma will benefit hugely”.

邓肯•刘易斯 are experts in this area of law 和 with the assistance of University of Hertfordshire law students, will be ensuring these vulnerable young people get the advice they need. 参观 Law Clinic website pages to  find out more 和 get in touch.

About Hertfordshire Law Clinic

Based on campus at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, Hertfordshire Law Clinic is a pro bono clinic providing free legal advice to anyone in the community. University law students are supported by qualified solicitors, giving students additional experience in the skills they will use when practising professionally.

The clinic has expertise in a number of areas, 包括家庭法, 房地产法律,  intellectual property 和 commercial law, powers of attorney 和 employment law.

The Law Clinic’s Streetlaw project also sends students out to local schools 和 community groups to provide useful information about relevant areas of law 和 empower the public to seek access to justice when needed.



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